Hovershoes - The best creative product and trend toy in 2018 for christmas gift

May 19, 2018


What is Hovershoes ?

Hovershoes are the creative product use self balancing technology. Easy ride and super fun.

The hovershoes are made with 3.5 inch wheels and wide tires. Each Hover Shoe has 250 Watt motor. That’s 500 Watts of two hovershoes. Charging takes 1.5 hours for full charge, The speed of hovershoes are 8 km/h and 8 km ride range. Each hover shoe is 2.8 Kg , Very light weight and easy carrying.

hovershoesHovershoes vs Hoverboard 

Hovershoes is not just a Hovershoe, It's also a hoverboard. There is a bar connect two hovershoes become a hoverboard. 

hover shoes

Hovershoes Prices

The hovershoes retail price is US$499 now, It should be a trend toy in 2018 for christmas gift.

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