Hoverboard Charger - All Our Hoverboard Come with The Right Charger

October 17, 2017

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Hoverboard charger is a very important part of Hoverboard, Here are some questions about the Hoverboard charger as below:

Hoverboard Charger

Q: Does the hoverboard come with a charger ?

A: Yes, All our hoverboard come with the charger.

Q: Does the hoverboard charger usable in my country ?

A: Yes, We have EU standard charger, USA standard charger, UKstandard charger and AU standard charger. We have put the right charger for your country standard before shipping.

USA Satandard Charger.

Hoverboard Charger USA

AU Standard Charger.

Hoverboard Charger Australia

EU Standard Charger.

Hoverboard Charger European

UK Standard Charger.

Hoverboard charger UK

Q: How long is the charger warranty ?

A: We have 12months warranty for the hoverboard charger.

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Roberta Silva
Roberta Silva

November 06, 2017

Hello I need to buy a charger for my daughter’s hover board, because she lost hers. How do I buy another ??
She has the:

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