Hoverboard Australia - Which is the best hoverboard for sale in Australia ?

September 23, 2017

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Hoverboard Australia 

Hoverboard is a good toy for holiday present, This is the good news for you if you are from Australia.

Hoverboard Australia

Q: Do you know which is the best hoverboard for sale in Australia ?

A: 8 inch Hoverboard and 6.5 inch Hoverboard with bluetooth and lights

Q: How long is shipping estimate to Australia ?

A: 10-15 days delivered.

Q: Does the price is AUD or USD ?

A: The price is USD.

Q: Does the hoverboard come with Australia charger plug ?

A: Yes , The autralia charger plug is included in the box.

 Lamborghini Hoverboard deal

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Airlee Smith
Airlee Smith

April 13, 2018

How much are the hover boards

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