UL2272 Certified K5 Bluetooth Hoverboard With Auto Detects Lights and Removable Battery

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K5 is a UL2272 certified 7.5 inch Hoverboard with bluetooth speaker, bright LED light and removable battery. It's the coolest Hoverboard in 2017.


 K5 Hoverboard is the first removable battery hoverboard for sale in  2017 ! ! !

  • 7.5 inch wheels and dual 350W motor
  • Built-in carrying handle makes travel easy
  • Smart display shows battery percentage, speed, temperature and bluetooth activity
  • Auto detects lights and automatically turns on and off when needed
  • Removable original SAMSUNG batteries won't explode and easy replacement
  • Three colors changeable with the indicator light on the back side
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speakers on the front side
  • 1.5 - 2.0 hours get full charged 
  • Max speed 14.5km(9 miles) per hour
  • Max weight load 100kg ( 220 lbs )