Off-road, All terrain Self-balancing Scooter "Hoverboard Rover" [ New Hoverboard ]

Say Hello to the next Hoverboard Revolution: Hoverboard Rover

Benefit from the entirely new maneuverability and shock absorbing design, this ultimate All terrain hoverboard will provide users an evolutionally riding experience. Hoverboard Rover will be the smartest buy for any serious hoverboard enthusiast this year.


Hoverboard Rover is the hottest hoverboard for sale 2016 ! ! !

  • 9 inch wheels and tires (Rugged tires can absorb all terrain shock)
  • Suitable for all weather conditions (Water Resistance: IP54 Water Resistant)
  • Easily handle bumps and cracks of sidewalks
  • Original SAMSUNG batteries won't explode
  • App controll (riders can track their speed, total distance travelled and battery life)
  • Equipped with Bluetooth speakers and anti-slip pedal
  • 1.5 - 2.0 hours get full charged 
  • Max weight load 120kg ( 265 lbs )




    Type: 9 inch hoverboard