Which is the Best Hoverboard ? The Spider hoverboard may be the kids favorite.

October 14, 2018

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Which is the Best Hoverboard ?

Hoverboard is a great invention and bring a lots of fun for the kids and family. Although some accidents occurred in 2015, The Consumers Association quickly established a safety standard ul2272 to ensure battery and charging safety. We want say the hoverboard still the best Christmas gift and birthday gift. But finding the kids favorite hoverboard could be somehow tricky. Here is a new hoverboard may be the choices.


The design of spider Hoverboard is inspired by the spiderman. As you can see the spider on each footpedal, Six glow spiders on wheels and Spider web design on the shell. Also Bluetooth included so you can take your music anywhere you go! All those features are the kids favorite.

spider hoverboard

Does this hoverboard safety ?

Yes, This hoverboard is compliant with applicable safety standards. It’s a UL2272 certified hoverboard.

What’s the Maxium load ?

The maximum load on the hoverboard is 220lbs.

What’s the maxium speed ?

It is convenient and portable going up to 7mph.

What’s the Mileage ?

Depending on the rider’s weight and the road conditions. Normally 5-7 miles.

What’s the charge time ?

The Charging Voltage is AC110-240V or 50-60HZ. The charging time is around 90-120 minutes.

What’s the warranty time?

No worry, It has 1 Year Limited Warranty.

What colors spider hoverboard are available ?

Spider red, spider black, spider blue, spider pink and spider white.

spiderman hoverboard

Where can I purchase the spider hoverboard ?

Not sold in stores, You can purchase the spider hoverboard at hoverboardsegay.com

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November 07, 2018

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